• Image of Bull Wake & Bull 4x4
  • Image of Bull Wake & Bull 4x4

Want a bait that truly imitates both the look and the action of a real fish? Then look no further!
The Bull Wake and Bull 4x4 are designed and made in the U.S. by 'Triton' Mike Bucca. These three piece double jointed baits were designed to accurately mimic the different varieties Bluegill, Pumpkinseed and Sunfish forage found in the U.S., however there is no doubting that the deeper profile of these baits will well imitate Australia's bony bream, carp, goldfish and Talapia.
Mike makes no bones about it, by choice he’s a fisherman not a bait maker and instead of being a realistic imitation of a super clean and healthy baitfish the Bull Wake and Bull 4x4 resemble a beat up, harried, surviving by the ligament of its scales baitfish that’s a prime target for a BIG predatory fish. The Bull Wake is a floating wakebait bait that runs across the surface when retrieved. The Bull 4x4 floats at rest and will wake across the surface on a very slow retrieve, but speed it up a little and the 4x4 will becomes a shallow diver, running at 2-3 feet. Both baits are near snag proof due to the large bib, meaning you can fish it in the most rugged terrain.
They features top-of-the-line components, including 3D eyes, black chrome hooks and strong stainless split rings. Only premium resins are used in the construction process and the bait has two built in swivel hook hangers that are rated to 200lb plus.
Honestly when watching this bait swim in the water all you can think is that something is going to kill it!

Length: 6" (~15cm)
Weight: 2.45oz (~69.5gm) = Floating/Waking/Shallow diver
* Knocker has single bearing inside to create 'knocking' rattle noise.

Made in the USA


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