• Image of Beaver's Baits XL Beaver
  • Image of Beaver's Baits XL Beaver
  • Image of Beaver's Baits XL Beaver

Without a doubt the most unique BIG bait you'll ever see! Pictures and words do this bait little justice...you simply have to swim one to see how this terrestrial imitation comes to life in the water.

The XL Beaver is a combination of high impact plastic pieces, premium deer hair with a rubber tail. Each body piece is hand tied with deer hair and connected together with heavy duty stainless split rings. The rubber tail is molded onto the extra strong Mustad treble and is attached to the bait with a split ring making it replaceable. A second treble is located under the neck of the bait via a split ring making it removable in weedy or snaggy situations. Honestly there is no right or wrong way to fish this hybrid jerkbait. Twitch it, jerk it, pulse it...or snap on a set of Beaver Blades and slow roll it.

Fish it unweighted across the top or add screw in weights (one weight included) to the head and get it down deep, the versatility of this bait is amazing.

Length:14.5" (~37cm)
Dry Weight: 6oz (~170gm) without weight

Made in the USA


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