Swimbait Specialist Down Under is an Australian owned business specialising in premium BIG baits. 

Guided by two motto's - 'Size does matter' and 'Don't take a knife to a gun fight' we are proud to provide Australian anglers with a concise range of quality unique BIG baits direct from the U.S.A.  

In an industry full of copy cats and imitations we have put extensive work into researching, sourcing, and testing the baits available at Swimbait Specialist Down Under.

The meticulous workmanship, quality components, time and effort that go into producing these baits ensures a robust product fit for Australian conditions with an action you have to see to believe.

In their respective categories, these baits are the originals and the baits that all others are judged by. We honestly believe the products available from Swimbait Specialist Down Under are the best of the best.    

So if you want BIG fish? Then think outside the box...THINK BIG...and don't go into battle under gunned!